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Italian Vintage Bicycles Collection, English

Stories that shall be told
This is the meaning of the word legend.

Italian Vintage Bicycles Collection tells stories of bicycles, frame builders and cycling champions. Each bicycle has its own story to be told and holds great memories of old times, when advantages were calculated in hours and the bicycles were made of iron and steel.
At the “Italian Legend Bicycles” it is possible to admire more than 100 vintage bicycles, their development and their parts built in the early 1900s. This is a very large collection of historic bicycles that retraces the history of the great cycling champions. There are bicycles which led to victory champions such as Gerbi, Argentin, Girardengo, Binda, Guerra, Bartali, Coppi, Magni, Martini, Baldini, Adorni, Motta, Gimondi, Merckx, Maertens, Hinault, Moser and Saronni.
You can look up to the steel frames that Italian manufacturers like Colnago, De Rosa, Masi, Pinarello and many other artisans built for these champions.
One whole room is dedicated to the most beautiful production of the master frame builder Knight Ernesto Colnago. Among all the showed bicycles you can appreciate the original amazing Bianchi of Marco Pantani dated 1998, when he won both the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. Further during your visit to the exhibition you will know the story of the whole production of Tullio Campagnolo from 1933 to 1985 through all components installed on the various exhibited bicycles.
Copyright Italian Vintage Bicycles Collection 2022
Copyright Italian Vintage Bicycles Collection 2022
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